OLAVER is an architectural practice which pursues excellence in design and approach. Our approach is founded in the people that inhabit, visit, construct, consult and supply the spaces we design, for without them the spaces would have no function and form follows function after all. Our architecture is marked by a balance of austerity and playfulness, the imperfect and the highly refined, rough and smooth, history and new. Our application to design eschews the notion of interior vs exterior design, reiterating their reciprocity.

Over all we are working towards creating a better built environment through both private and public buildings, commercial, residential and utilitarian spaces which are user focused. Our aim is to create spaces which better the environment: actively, ecologically, practically and aesthetically.

Emlyn Olaver
Principal Architect

0422 627 071

Olaver Architecture was started by Emlyn in 2015. Emlyn enjoys the collaborative aspects of architectural practice, particularly getting to know his clients and problem solving with builders. Equally relished is the more monastic practice of reworking plans and sections until they are just right and developing details to ensure the design intent is upheld.

Victoria Merrett


Victoria is a registered architect with a Master of Architecture from Monash University. She has extensive experience in residential architecture and is involved throughout all stages of a project, from concept design through to contract administration. Victoria works closely with client and builder to ensure that the brief, budget, and program expectations are being met and design intent is delivered.

Tom Hocking


Tom began his career working in retail, bar and restaurant design which gave an appreciation for the rational and functional imbued with a sense of character. He has kept these lessons close within his residential work, locally, interstate and overseas. His love for architectural representation is backed by an empathetic approach to design, being able to understand other needs, whether client, consultant, or colleague.

Michael Lopes-Vieira


Graduating from a Master of Architecture at RMIT University in 2017, Michael has practiced at a range of scales in both London & Melbourne. He maintains a theoretical interest in architecture and the urban environment that sits parallel to his practical applications in the profession. His approach towards architecture seeks a precision and clarity from design through to documentation.

Nic Morgante
Graduate of Architecture


Nic is a graduate of the Master of Architecture at RMIT. He is interested in architecture that fosters community and grants a sense of place. From buildings to objects, Nic appreciates good design and detail. Since graduating he has taught in the Bachelor program at RMIT and continues to use photography to explore architectural interests.

Brydie Singleton
Graduate of Architecture


Brydie graduated with a Master of Architecture from the University of Melbourne in 2020, receiving Deans Honours. She has experience in educational and residential projects, and continues to investigate all types of architecture through photography. Brydie is interested in architecture which cultivates a sense of community and encourages a connection to landscape, with a particular curiosity for the experiential qualities of architecture.

Jessica Bourke
Student of Architecture


Jess is currently completing a Master of Architecture at RMIT. She has experience in educational projects, and is interested in an architecture that draws on shared artefacts and memories. Jess enjoys investigating the narrative capabilities of architecture through mixed media.