Goodwin House 1919

Goodwin House was completed at the end of 2022 after a protracted, but successful heritage and building regulation battle. The Art Deco home is reinstated and adjusted to suit the flow of contemporary family living with a new addition to the rear extending to the side boundary of this corner site. The curves of the new brick fence and boundary wall are carved out to frame views to surrounding greenery, whilst also providing connectivity to the street. The new addition forms a courtyard and addresses the aspect to the north-west. Multiple entry points are offered for differing activities; formal, informal, practical and social. North facing clerestory windows draw light into the new addition over the existing building, whilst also providing views to the treetops beyond.

Both the new and old parts of the house are painted white drawing focus to differing textures of recycled brick, stucco render, mild steel and smooth render. Interior details reflect the architecture in rhythm and form, natural materials with texture and warmth.

Contractor: Glyde Constructions

Photographer: Benjamin Hosking

Name Goodwin House
Number 1919
Type Residential
Year 2022