Shop Ramen. Built, 2013

This small, low-key ramen canteen is situated on a busy urban strip. The emphasis is on functionality and simplicity, to create a home-like feel that suits the local patrons who eat and socialise here. A substantial central table encourages this communal atmosphere. The fit-out is domestic in scale and uses simple, everyday materials. The joinery insertions and new wall finishes are treated like furniture, floating and temporary, deferential to the building’s older bones.

A high wooden shelf for kitchen tools, beverages and produce adds wabi-sabi ornamentation.

We worked with the owners, Lydia and Pat, to achieve a space that would complement their ramen and ensure that their visitors would feel comfortable and want to return.

Our first built collaboration with Never Now, we worked closely with Tristan, balancing branding and the built environment.

Photography : Josh Robenstone