House 1602. Built, 2018

This terrace house renovation optimises a north-facing block for a young family. The section combines light and materiality to delineate intimate, private space, entertaining and relaxing areas. Natural materials provide warmth and tactility whilst the pronounced articulation of structure speaks to the making of the space. 

A double-height dining room contrasts with a relatively low ceiling in the kitchen and a sunken living room. The floor of this sunken living space is flush with the natural ground providing a connection to the rear garden, highlighted by the continuous brick paving from inside to out. Timber lining running the full length of the addition pulls the spaces together whilst also providing a tactile experience – one can’t help but run their hand along the wall as they walk from the front of the house to the rear.

“This house is just next level amazing. (We) can’t believe we live here. The response we’ve had so far from everyone has been of awe and amazement”

The Design Files Awards - Finalist

Photography: Josh Robenstone